Tennis Statistics

Privacy policy

Tennis Statistics does not collect or transmit any personal information, with the exception of technical information included in HTTP requests (such as your IP address) and with the exception of personal match data. Personal match data contains the list of points in the match, the name of the players and the location the match was played. Match data is stored on cloud drive services as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive when the user connects Tennis Statistics with these services. With this connection match data can be synchronized between the connected device and the mentioned cloud services. The goal is to access personal match data via multiple personal devices. Match data is also stored on Tennis Statistics cloud services to be able to share the match data with other users on the user its friends list. All personal match data on the cloud services is encrypted and can not be decrypted by administrators of the service. No data will be sold, shared with third parties or used for other commercial purposes.

If you would like to report any violations of this policy, please contact me by e-mail: